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Our Values


Trust & Reliability

We are commited to an open and reliable communication with our clients and candidates. We always practice an open and honest communication.  

Since we highly value our long-standing and personal relationship with our clients and candidates, we strive to guarantee trustworthiness and confidentiality. 


Experience & Quality

Our clients value our extensive industry knowledge and Know-How in the field talent recruitment, executive search and temporary staffing placements.

Our understanding of the client’s cultural environment along with their staffing requirements, market and industry dynamics, and company goals, is key to define the right candidate profiles. Leveraging our industry knowledge and in-depth interview techniques, we identify the best professionals after in-depth assessment of the candidates suitabilty.


Flexibility & Individuality 

Our international team along with our best-in-class approach allows us to stay flexible and respond promptly to our client’s needs.

This way, our thoughts and actions are always oriented towards the highest possible dynamic and efficiency.

What Sets Us Apart

Agile Methology

We work collaboratively, efficiently and flexibly to meet the unique needs of our clients with an egaged leadership who will prepare their businesses for the future. This means being able to react quickly to new situations and stay flexible.

We help our clients to achieve better results with the rapid implementation of our employment solutions in Germany. Our proccess is fully transparent and closely aligned with the different realirealities our clients are facing. In a fast-paced world Universal Hires is your partner that embraces change and helps you navigate through it.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We don’t believe in templates or copy & paste. Within the legal framework we will offer and customize solutions that suit our clients. With our hands-on approach we can ensure a constant exchange with our clients about their needs and how to address them in the best way.

We know that HR and corporate services are a people business and respect a client’s values, wishes, requirements and ways of working. With this in mind we guarantee sucessful outcomes for our clients and satisfactions along the way.

Client-Centric Approach

The client comes first and we are proud to maintain a high service level throughout the company. Our experienced professionals are happy to advise you on every step from hiring to employment or termination of staff to setting up your foreign entity in Germany.

We can help you reduce time spent with frustrating paperwork so that you can take care of your core business, reduce your time to market and remove typical pain points of dealing with local regulators. 

Industry Expertise & Network

Over time Universal Hires has accumulated a leading expertise in German employment, tax as well as social security issues. We can offer professional advice for an array of industries through our extensive network of experts and advisors.

We are in constant discussion with our clients to help them develop, act as a sounding board for new trends and ideas, stay ahead with the newest and most reliable legal information and challenge our offerings and services every day.

Our expansion to Germany wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Michael and his team at Universal Hires. Many thanks again!

Tony Francano