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Executive Search & Headhunter in Germany 

Identify new leaders to accelarate your company’s goals.

Executive Search & Headhunter Made in Germany

Universal Hires supports small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations in filling complex management positions. When engaging in executive search projects in Germany, we focus on a direct search through an individual, discreet approach of highly experienced executives. 

It is important to see executive search and headhunting as a holistic process rather than a short-term project. Our executive search covers the entire process from analyzing the client’s needs to job description drafting, candidate search, selection, evaluation, presentation until the final employment contract signing.

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Your Advantage: Executive Search in Germany

Our Team

Vast operational experience as executive recruiters, and HR consultants. We’ve learned our craft from industry leaders and work with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Our Clients

Value our professional, customer-focused approach while delivering quality and sustainability. In doing so, we adapt our processes to the client’s needs and advise on ensuring long-term success.

Our Candidates

Selected precisely while focusing on professional expertise and personality. We take the time to coordinate the candidate’s current career path with our client’s requirements..

Our Executive Search Method

We identify candidates beyond our established networks without limiting to specific target companies. At the same time, our client focused-approach ensures to develop creative ideas in close collaboration with our clients and consultants. 

Definition of our Executive Search Projects

In practice, our executive search projects start with a detailed briefing at your local venue in order to get to know your company and the key people involved. Our goal is to receive an authentic impression of the organization, to learn how you communicate and interact with each other. 

Another key element prior to starting the executive search is to discuss the potential skills of the candidate(s) that you are looking for in order to best tackle the challenges of your organization. This includes skills such as innovative strength, motivation or authority.

What values determine your company’s actions and strategy? How do you set yourself apart from competitors? Based on the knowledge acquired, our team develops a candidate profile along with a detailed list of the companies and organizations which could be of interest.

Our intensive candidate interviews are carefully prepared, well-structured and systematically carried out in one of our offices across Germany. During the interviews, we asses the candidate’s overall fit during role-playing games, presentations, and other activities. We strive for objective candidate evaluations during the executive search to ensure the best results on behalf of our clients

During our headhunter interview follow-ups, we use appropriate diagnostic procedures that relate, among other things, to management behavior, motivators, values, and special work situations. The candidate’s assessment is well documented and provided to our clients for their review.

Executive Search Timeline: Best-In-Class Approach

Advice & Briefing (Week 1-2)

  • Detailed on-site briefing and definition of executive search and headhunting criteria that match Universal Hires’ criteria system.
  • Analysis of the client’s corporate strategy, organizational structure and market situation.

Search Setup (Week 2-3)

  • Implementation of the executive search strategy.
  • Determination of the headhunting project’s roadmap and finalization of the relevant documentation by our project team.
  • Creation of the target company list within the client’s industry 
    Finalization of the candidate requirements profile and appealing job description.

Market Analysis (Week 3-4)

  • Identification of all relevant candidates via target group-specific channels (research via professional networks, consultant’s industry network and multipliers).
  • Creation of the Long and Short List of relevant candidates.

Candidate Approach (Week 3-4)

  • Direct approach of the relevant candidates by Universal Hires with a strong focus on candidate interview conversion.
  • The personal approach is executed highly discreet and trustworthy.

Candidate Examination (Week 4-8)

  • First interviews by Universal Hires.
  • Second interviews by Universal Hires to examine in detail the candidate’s professional, personal and cultural fit.
  • Presentation of all relevant candidates with detailed documentation on the client’s strengths.

Client interviews (week 5-10)

  • Interviewing of the selected clients at the client’s site
  • Participation and monitoring of the interview process by Universal Hirers, incl. support of the process by tool kits, cases, etc. (upon request)

Selection and negotiation (week 5-10)

  • Detailed verification of the candidate’s references.
  • Negotiation and communication support.
  • Onboarding and legal support (upon request)
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Universal Hires enabled us to rapidly employ a full sales team in Cologne – no company incorporation required.

Thomas Wen, Head of Global Expansion, SILVER Basis Inc.

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