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Liability Insurance Germany

Everyone, including expats, freelancers, and students should have a Personal Liability Insurance in Germany. The so called Privathaftpflichtversicherung is not mandatory unlike the car insurance. However, you are required by law to pay a compensation for any damage you cause to another party. Therefore, a Private Liability Insurance in Germany is designed to protect you from unnecessary financial harm. In this article we will explain how this sector works and highlight the best providers.

Last Update: April 2020

Comparison: Best Insurance Providers


The best liability insurance provider in Germany is COYA. With its great English app the company makes it very easy for foreigners to sign up for a liability insurance in Germany. In combination the pricing which starts at 4.29€ per month.

Among expats in Germany, COYA has established itself as the best and easiest way to sign up for a full-scale liability insurance coverage

4,29/ Month

  • Easy termination. No fixed contract duration.

  • Highest Coverage. Up to 30 Mio. €.

  • Expat-Friendly. English-speaking customer support.

  • Family Coverage. All-inclusive coverage.

  • Rapid & Easy Claims. File via the app.

  • Fully Mobile-Based. Innovative App.

  • Global Protection. Worldwide coverage.

  • Great Pricing. Starting from 4,29€.

Learn More: COYA Liability Insurance

Another great online insurance provider in Germany is getsafe. The company offers personal liability insurance.

Similar to COYA, getsafe focuses on providing its insurance services for expats and foreigners living in Germany. Getsafe’s website, their app and the customer support are fully provided in English.

4,70/ Month

  • Easy termination. No fixed contract duration.

  • Solid Coverage. Up to 25 Mio. €.

  • Expat-Friendly. English-speaking customer support.

  • Fully Mobile-Based. Very good app.

  • Global Protection. Worldwide coverage.

  • Good Pricing. Starting from 4,70€.

Learn More: Getsafe Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance Germany – Why to get it?

In Germany, you need to compensate a third-person in case you have caused any damage. Since you are liable to full extent to pay for any damages you may have caused, we highly recommend you to sign up for a personal liability insurance (also referred to as Privathaftpflichtversicherung).

Although it’s not a legal requirement to have a private liability insurance in place, it should be the first thing to sign up for when coming to Germany as you are liable with your full fortune. With annual costs around 50€, it’s also very affordable.

Coffee is accidentally spilled on a keyboard

Accidents can happen and solid coverage is advised

In summary, the private liability insurance protects you against the risk of a potentially high financial compensation in case something bad happens. On topit covers (potential) cost for a legal process in case someone accuses you of having caused damage to another party.

Anyone can cause damage to other people or property. And it can only take one moment of bad luck. Hence, we recommend anyone to buy a liability insurance 

For a better understanding, we’ve summarized potential cases below: 

  • Potential Insurance Claim #1:

While playing around with your best friend’s brand-new iPhone, it accidentally slips out of your hands and falls to the ground. Unfortunately, the phone is broken. Your friend is not happy about it and asks you to pay for a replacement. With coverage from a personal liability insurance you can easily file a claim. Your insurance provider will pay for the replacement.

  • Potential Insurance Claim #2:

You’re taking a train for a business trip and accidentally spill your coffee on your seat neighbor’s laptop. Also in this case, your liability insurance will pay for the incurred costs.

  • Potential Insurance Claim #3:

While skiing with your friends, you over-estimate your skills and accidentally drive into another skier. Unfortunately, the person’s leg is severely injured and requires a complicated surgery. As the accident was solely your fault, you are held accountable for all medical costs as well as the long-term aftercare. Luckily, your personal liability insurance protects you from paying with your out-of-pocket savings. 

Liability Insurance Germany – How it works?

In practice, filling a claim with your insurer is very easy (when choosing a digital insurer such as COYA or Getsafe). The most important steps are:

1. Damage occurs
2. Report damage to insurer
3. Insurer confirms payment
4. Replace damaged object
5. Send bill to insurer
6. Receive funding from insurer

Liability Insurance Germany – Coverage Explained

COYA's Insurance App

COYA’s all-in-one English insurance app

A personal liability insurance does not allow you to become careless in any area just because you have an insurance. Some risks are specifically excluded from the contract and do require you to take action and get additional coverage. The insurance should include:

  • Damage to property or injuries of other people 
  • Damage torented apartments. Any damage done to your landlord’s property should be covered witharound 1 million €.  This should include the loss of private keys to a rented property.
  • Right coveragevalue, also known as Deckungssumme, should be high enough to cover substantial damages as listed above.  Both COYA and Getsafe provide coverage of up to 25 million €.
  • Worldwide coverage of damages to property or injuries of other people
  • Damages online. The Internet is no different from the outside world and damage up to 5 million € should be covered. 
  • Protecting you from uninsured third parties: Your insurance should cover you when people causing you a damage can not pay a compensation. This should include legal expenses occurring during your claim.

In addition to the coverage, always remember to choose reasonabledeductibles. Your insurance can cover a lot but if deductibles are too high, you can still suffer financially. On the other hand, deductibles under 500€ normally will come at a high price with an increased premium to pay every month.

Check out our extensive comparison of COYA and Getsafe, both of them offer the best liability coverage.

Liability Insurance Germany – Costs

As summarized in the comparison, the cost for an insurance is comprised of monthly premium (the fee you pay) and the deductibles (your co-payment in case of a pay-out).

In Germany, the best personal liability insurances such as COYA or Getsafe cost around 50 per year. By choosing to sign up with one of the best liability insurances in Germany, deductibles are 0€.

Usually, private liability insurances in Germany vary with their offerings. For example, you can find add-ons to protect your bike from theft, or your drone as well. It is worth looking into these to tailor the insurance package to your individual needs. 

Liability Insurance Germany – Standard Terms and Conditions

You should keep in mind that a contract regulates not just the responsibilities and payments of the insurer but also your behavior. Basically, you agree to respect the notice of claim. This means that your report the relevant event to your insurance within one weekYou can not wait for a couple months and only report when it seems convenient for you.

Moreover, you have to provide full visibility of the liability event, provide all available information and cooperate with the insurer to process your claim.

In addition, if there are any risks before you sign the contract or emerging due to a reported liability event, you need to let the insurer know. Regarding the start of coverage, you will usually wait a couple of months (Insurance Policy Period stated in the contract) until coverage starts to actually protect you after you sign the contract. 

Liability Insurance Germany – Conclusion

Usually, we recommend to be rather safe than sorry. It’s the same thing with having a private liability insurance in Germany. You should evaluate your current situation of your life and assess potential risk of the financial burden of compensation – just in case bad luck hits you. Insurances are made for those cases and protect you from a financial catastrophe.

The cost of a Private Liability Insurance in Germany is very reasonable. Therefore, we highly recommend you to sign up with our suggested partners as they offer the perfect solution for expats in Germany.


Are you required by law to have a Liability Insurance in Germany?

This solely depends on the type of liability insurance. This article mainly covers personal (private) liability insurance which is not required by law. Nevertheless, as you are fully liable for any damage caused to a third-part, it’s highly advised to sign up for one.

In contrast, when owning a car in Germany, you’re required to insure your car on an appropriate liability insurance plan.


How much does a Liability Insurance in Germany cost?

In practice, great insurance packages are available for just around 50€ per year. Hence, it’s not very expensive, but should be the most important pillar of your insurances.

Simply choose one of our advised providers such as COYA or Getsafe and get your personal coverage right now!

Do insurance providers in Germany offer English-speaking customer support?

Unfortunately, most insurance providers in Germany provider their services in German language only. Nevertheless, there are some great alternatives out there: Providers such as COYA and Getsafe offer their insurance services also in English.

From the website till the sign-up procedure as well as the insurance contract and claim procedure, it’s perfectly suitable for foreigners in Germany.

Do I only need Liability Insurance in Germany?

We’ve summarized in this article the basics of the personal liability insurance in Germany. 

There are many more insurances that are important when moving to Germany such as health insurance and car insurance. We’ve summarized them in our HowToGermany Insurance Guide.

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