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Car Insurance Germany

If you live in Germany and you want to drive, you have to insure your car. Honestly, you don’t have a choice — German law requires third party coverage for all injuries and damage inflicted on other people and vehicles. Even if you’re a foreigner with long-term residence, this law still applies to you. In other words, you need to get car insurance in Germany because having a foreign one isn’t enough.

Car insurance prices may vary depending on the age of the driver, their location and experience, but also on the value of the car and its engine size. For example, if you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to get into an accident and submit an insurance claim. Therefore, car insurance will cost you more. But there are many other factors that determine the price of your German car insurance, so before choosing one, you should thoroughly research all options.

Comparison: Best Car Insurance Providers


One of the most interesting players on the Car Insurance market in Germany is FRI:DAY. They are strong  on the digital offerings and bring a pay-per-distance policy to Germany. This means even people who don’t use their car often, can now get a fair insurance.

Among expats, FRI:DAY has proven to be the best and easiest way to sign up for a full-service Car Insurance in Germany.

from €7.63/ Month

  • Flexibility. FRI:DAY Original or pay per km, your choice

  • High Coverage. Up to 100 Mio. € for human injuries

  • Expat-Friendly. English-speaking customer support.

  • Family Coverage. Other drivers allowed.

  • Rapid & Easy Claims. File via the app.

  • Great Pricing. Starting from 7.63€ and often price-leader.t

Learn More: FRI:DAY Car Insurance
- BEST Traditional provider: CAR INSURANCE IN GERMANY -

Another traditionally great car insurance provider in Germany is AXA. The company offers all levels of car insurance.

It is particularly well equipped for Teilkasko or Vollkasko since a Breakdown Insurance is always included.

from €8.70/ Month

  • Guaranteed mobility. No worries if your car breaks down

  • High Coverage. Up to 100 Mio. € for human injuries.

  • Service Network. Local partners can help wherever you are.

  • Broad Protction. Even when abroad in a foreign vehicle.

  • Online Claims. Manage everything around the policy in the customer portal.

Learn More: AXA Car Insurance

Different Kinds of Car Insurance in Germany

First and foremost, you should learn about the different types of car insurance and what they entail. These are the three main types:

1. Third-party coverage (Haftpflicht)

Firstly, if you want to drive in Germany, you are legally obligated to get this type of insurance. Whenever you get into an accident and cause injuries to other people or damage to vehicles and property, Haftpflicht covers all expenses, and that includes medical bills. However, if your negligence caused the accident, any damage that your car suffered won’t be covered. All in all, this can be compared to a liability insurance for cars.

2. Partial coverage (Teilkasko)

While Haftpflicht covers only collision damage and injuries, Teilkasko goes a step further. With it, your car will be insured against all kinds of damage, ranging from theft attempts and fire to thunderstorms and hailstorms. No matter what life throws your way, Teilkasko will have you covered. The only exception is vandalism, which you will have to cover on your own.

3. Comprehensive coverage (Vollkasko)

The best type of insurance out of the three, Vollkasko offers everything mentioned in the policies of the previous two. On top, it comes with certain benefits. Namely, if you are involved in a car accident, Vollkasko will cover the damage to the car and the person you hit as well as your car repair bills. It’s important to note here that it will do so even if the accident was your fault. Consequently, this is what sets it apart from Haftpflicht and Teilkasko.

In addition, Vollkasko may have policies that cover permanent disability after the crash, and even the death of a passenger. Of course, such comprehensive coverage doesn’t come cheap. But it’s more than worth looking into if you bought a new car and you want to protect it from damage. On the other hand, Teilkasko is a great choice for people with second-hand cars.

Breakdown Insurance (Schutzbriefversicherung)

The Schutzbriefversicherung is an additional type of insurance that is rather useful in case of an accident or a breakdown. If your car needs to be towed, breakdown insurance will cover the costs. On top of that, some policies guarantee you’ll have a replacement car to drive until yours is repaired.

No Claims Bonus (Schadenfreiheitsrabatt — SFR)

We mentioned before that the insurance from your own country doesn’t count, but that is not literally true. If you have a no claims bonus back home, ask for proof from your insurance company there. This proof may come in the form of a letter, which you can present to your new insurance company in Germany. If the company accepts it, it might reduce the overall cost of your car insurance.

Choosing Car Insurance in Germany

With a large number of available car insurance companies in Germany, it might not be easy to choose the right one. Shop around for good offers and compare prices on sites such as or You can also opt to receive offers via email by filling out your information.

After that, and once you choose a policy, you can usually take it out online. All you need to do is give your driver’s license and the number of your bank account in Germany, and you’re all set!

Final Step — Getting Your eVB Number

Finally, you’ve chosen an insurance company and a policy, and now what? Usually, your company will send you a number called eVB (elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung) via email. You need this number to register your car. Once you have it, send it to the registration office, along with a TÜV certificate (safety guarantee) and a tax form for your vehicle.

Car Insurance Companies for Expats

Now you know a lot about car insurance, but you still might not be sure where to start. To help you out, here is a short list of expat-friendly companies with customer service in English:

These companies, as well as this guide, will make your experience with getting the right insurance easy and smooth. So, get your car insurance in Germany today!

FAQ – Car Insurance in Germany

How much does Car Insurance in Germany cost?

This question is too complex to answer for all. It will depend on four factors:

  • How good your safety record is as a driver
  • How valuable your car is
  • What level of service you choose
  • What provider you choose

Can I go to other countries with a German Car Insurance?

Generally, EU countries should be included which means most of Germany’s neighbours. However, often certain countries are excluded due to higher risk. If you want to visit for instance Albania, you might want to double check your contract.

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