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Global Hiring: PEO in Singapore

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Hire staff in Singapore – without setting up a company

Singapore has long been one of the top locations for investments in the Asia-Pacific region. Enhanced due to its as strategic location, a highly-skilled workforce, pro-business environment, and business-friendly policies have made Singapore the Western world’s gateway to Asia. Our PEO in Singapore solution enables the hiring of local staff without having to go through the complicated and costly procedure of registering an entity.

While Universal Hires’ becomes the official Employer of Record of the local employees, our team ensures the delivery of all local employment admin liabilities.

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Why chose Universal Hires for PEO in Singapore?

No excessive fees

S$500 / employee / month

In-house team onsite

We’re not sub-contracting like other Global PEOs


Hire and onboard staff in Singapore within days


Stop the presence in Singapore at any time

Without having to setup a PTE LTD.

Hiring staff and establishing a team in Singapore does not necessarily require you to setup an entity. Our PEO and Employer of Record solution eases the path to a local presence:

  • With PEO in Singapore, Universal Hires becomes the official Employer of Record of the staff and handles the local employment admin
  • Fast and compliant onboarding of the staff through our in-house enitity and local team onsite
Hohe Gebäude in Peking China
Verbotene Stadt in Peking China

Singapore labor contract

The local employment administration will be handleded solely by Universal Hires’ APAC team on our foreign client’s behalf:

  • Drafting of a labor contract by Universal Hires’ legal team
  • Registration of the employee with the Provident Fund board and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • Private medical insurance coverage available as an add-on
  • Full end-to-end employment admin management (expenses, payroll, social insurance  & income tax remittances)

Local presence in Singapore

Our solution enables you a fast and compliant way to establish a local presence in Singapore, Asia’s business hub:

  • Establish an extensive local network of partners, customers and distributors 
  • Evaluate the long-term market potential in Asian markets
  • Management of APAC operations from Singapore
Wolkenkratzer im Stadteil Pudong in Shanghai




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