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Top 10 Must-Have Skills of An Executive in Germany

When recruiting an executive in Germany, finding the matching candidates to handle your company’s in-country operations is key to success. As a renowned German headhunting agency, our recruitment team knows how to find the best executives for your business.

1. Making decisions and setting priorities

As executives are responsible for making important decisions that are highly relevant for the business’s success, so is the manager’s ability to make complex decisions in a considered and timely manner.

Those who have difficulties deciding and standing by their decisions are far from being suitable to take over a leading position. 

However, making decisions alone is not enough. As there are multiple tasks to be accomplished at the same time, an executive has to be able to prioritize in a fast-paced environment. Having a sense of the degree of urgency and importance is therefore essential.

2. Set clear goals and communicate them efficiently

Generally, it is easier and better to work with a clear goal in mind. Therefore, it is important to set explicit goals like revenue targets, projects, and behavioral goals. Furthermore, these have to be communicated in a clear manner, meaning setting specific milestones and numeric objectives.

For orientation, the SMART formula is indeed a valuable tool to verify if goals are: specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and scheduled. 

3. Develop strategies to achieve your goals

Setting goals and communicating them clearly is one thing, the way to achieve a goal is another. One of your top leadership skills is to take measures and develop strategies to achieve the goals you set.

Ideally, you will incorporate the expertise of your employees to leverage everyone’s skillset. 

4. Delegate tasks

As a leader, you do not usually achieve the defined goals within the timeframe all by yourself. Therefore, you delegate specific tasks to the respective employees in order to succeed.

After all, if you take on everything without delegating a thing, you don’t require any employees at all. A rule of thumb is to just take over the tasks you cannot delegate. 

5. Motivation of the employees

Probably the most important qualifications of leaders are social skills. Motivation is key to have employees working effectively.

In order to increase motivation, there are many things that can be done such as creating a pleasant working atmosphere. This starts with well-functioning work equipment and continues right on through the appreciation of achievements of individuals and the team.

Furthermore, managers who trust their employees and therefore hand over responsibility will be rewarded with motivated employees. 

6. Identifying and resolving conflicts

In a team where different characters meet, there is always the potential for conflict. Leaders should be able to identify the emergence of conflicts at an early stage, take countermeasures and, if necessary, resolve existing conflicts.

Especially in an international context where different nationalities work together, managers should consider different cultures, views, and beliefs. 

7. Provide on-going feedback

As already mentioned under the term “motivation”, it is important to appreciate the performance of the employees. As a result, public recognition and praise not only increases the motivation and performance of the praised employee but also encourages the other colleagues to perform better.

In contrast to praise, executives should not criticize their employees in front of their colleagues. Instead, take the appropriate employee aside for a four-eye conversation and try to find an appropriate solution together.

8. Recognize your employees’ skills and motives

Another important ability managers should have is recognizing and promoting the skills and motives of their employees. Therefore, the employees act in a goal-oriented manner and therefore benefits are created for both sides. Above all, a good manager also notices employees lacking skills and providing the necessary training measures needed. 

9. Developing networks

Developing networks is generally important in everyone’s professional life and managers, in particular, should obtain this ability. Who knows when you will need information outside of your area of expertise, valuable feedback or support to develop a new project?

10. Initiate and support changes

Changes should be approached carefully and without the involvement of your team. Especially as a new leader, you need some time to understand all the connections and people affected by this change. 

Therefore, an important ability of managers to be aware of the changes required to involve and to motivate employees to support the changes made. In addition, a good leader considers the employee’s need as well as fear of change and communicates the change plan accordingly.

Ultimately, the goal is to make changes in a way that all employees are on board and support the changes happening. 

Conclusion on Finding an Executive in Germany

In conclusion,

Leading Support in Executive Search in Germany

As Germany’s leading talent recruitment and executive search firm, Universal Hires has been successfully supporting foreign companies with their market activities onsite. 

If you are looking for staffing solutions to expand your organization’s footprint in Germany, get in touch with our experts today. 

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